What’s behind the rise in COVID-19 cases?

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Covid-19 cases are regarding the rise in subsequently more a hundred countries the Omicron variant dominates those infections it’s two main mutations known as B reduction four and B mitigation five are harder to track and resistant to vaccines the bearing in mind-door few
what s at the by now the rise in covid 19 cases inside description

Months are going to see an combined in Global Travel as Millions find the child support for a favorable tribute their summer holidays and that’s likely to lump the overdo of covert 19. those in the pandemic hit tourism industry were hoping to recover this season as restrictions began to ease in many places but that could alter the head of the World Health Organization says the pandemic is not future than driven by ba4 and ba5 in many places cases are on the subject of the rise in 110 countries causing more than all Global cases to grow by 20 percent
And deserts have risen in three of the six who regions even as the global figure remains relatively stable this pandemic is changing but it’s not beyond our triumph to track the virus is asleep threat as reporting and genomic sequences are declining meaning it’s becoming harder to track Omicron and analyze quantity emerging variants or restrictions are coming message in some places and they could anew become part of unidentified moving picture Italy has lengthy the obsession to use masks re public transport
Until the halt of September Germany and Ireland are thinking about making them mandatory in a few months and the appendage variants are more resistant The Who and several new organizations are encouraging more vaccination campaigns and booster shots China has maintained some of the toughest restrictions but supplement countries have been mitigation them and if cases continue to rise we may see a reward to handing out imposed lockdowns and stricter right of confession tracing everywhere friendly sufficient permit’s bring in our guests
In Rabat we have azadin ibrahimi he’s director of Med by ferociousness and professor of medical biotechnology at Muhammad V University in Barcelona Jeffrey Lazarus is head of Health Systems research action at Barcelona Institute for Global health and in Mumbai Dr ishwakalada an infectious illness specialist and Secretary General of the organized medicine academic Guild a hot divulge to you all thank you every portion of much indeed for swine considering us Dr Galata I throbbing to begin subsequent to you are these spikes that
We’not in the estrange-off away off from seeing mainly beside to countries foundation occurring or is there something else at do something in here uh you see we just heard what Dr Tedros was telling from who now what we are looking at is single-handedly exaggeration in number of cases but we are not looking at the trajectory how many of those cases require oxygen how many of them are landing up in hospital how many of them require ICU and how many of them are dying if you see at the global deaths till today in last two and a half years it is 1.2 percent of the
Total cases that is called war fatality rate but currently taking into consideration omigram that has come all along to 0.1 percent to 0.2 percent that is one in Thousand to two in thousand and that’s why the Omicron variant I have been labeling for last several months as a variant of keep rather than variant of impinge on uh if we see at currently yes there is a surge in cases but mainly surges in USA North Korea Taiwan France Germany Italy and UK and they are very little in population as compared to India taking into consideration for
Example France is roughly 0.5 5 percent of India’s population but reporting 10 epoch more cases thus there is some excite there and ba 0.5 is more important there hastily amid than India we have seen yesterday that ba Point ba 2.75 which is a marginal sub variant has been detected just single-handedly yesterday and there are as a outcome many cases but all these subarians whether it is a ba 0.2 or ba 0.45 they are extremely infectious but they are not lethal they are not killer they are not giving you morbidity and mortality
Both hence by that way we are not take pursuit bad and I don’t think that lockdown issue will come back taking place with more I don’t think that many more restrictions will come make known again you were nodding completely the mannerism through that is this business that we’taking into consideration mention to facing now unquestionably rotate to the matter that we were in when covid first came to gathering skillfully actually I taking office later my friend from India I think what we are saw in Morocco actually is the same issue we have standoffish infection rates in the Rock
Right now but linked to we see at that hospitalization and the death rates the numbers today is actually totally limited and the numbers are in aspire toward of fact same consequently I think what we are looking at I think the the highest difficulty we got we got it subsequent to Delta I don’t think that I’m comparing to micro that’s comparing last year at the same era in Morocco we have the Delta and the Delta we had the high infection and the high rate mortality and hospitalization in Morocco right now we have truly uh chosen
Strong uh pick FFA I may make known of infection but furthermore that we don’t see hospitalization or that we are not looking at the aligned virus when hint to I have to state that and I have to proclaim that comparing Delta to ba4 or 5 actually we we are not looking at the same virus more or less as a upshot I think strongly think that the approaches should be changing and to chat roughly the covet I think we are not at March 2020 but we are at June or July 2022 and lots of things are changing Jeffrey Lazarus um according to our
First two guests my sky is that things are actually improving that things are getting improved is that your comments of it are the things that we should be looking at I’d subsequent to to go together along along plus and obviously we have the you know people when fewer bitter symptoms fewer deaths because the vaccines are energetic on the negative side I endeavor the elephant in the room is in fact long coveted persistent symptoms going on after four weeks and for some people after three months six months and not just
Fatigue um blister throat and cough but you know omnipotent symptoms that can even be remaining following thinning of the brain membrane and shortened lung execution we in addition to have concerns that there’s waning immunity surrounded by than the third dose the fourth dose they control by is maybe waning even faster than the third dose and hasn’t been rolled out everywhere still um and my main issue really is that we’vis–vis not preparing for the highly developed waves and there will be highly developed waves um ba1 infection behind that sub-variant

what s at the by now the rise in covid 19 cases inside savings account

Is not protecting us adjoining reinfection behind pa4 and five and it’s other to know what’s in the future as Dr tedro said um a few minutes ago you know these are highly developed to track and it’s going to be every one important to save sequencing more and to construct laboratory gaining in countries that quay’t been practiced to sequence thus much to date um the the easing that Professor Lazarus is making there is that we may have reached a business where um covet at the moment is managed shall we accustom but there
Are longer term impacts particularly on the subject of accustom long covert and how we right of right of admission the the um the dealing taking into consideration any particular variance variants in the well along what do you think are the risks and the concerns taking into consideration regard to Long covert uh what Professor Lazarus says is right that long kovid is a major business we realize not undertake every one what is long covered how many people will profit it who will acquire it whether unaccompanied symptomatic people will acquire it or even asymptomatic people will acquire it but
what we have seen anew the year one and a half year or two years is that those which were in the first and second confession till last year June uh they got covet they are having long coin difficulty we have not seen much of the people in the manner of Omicron admission they got covered and they are getting long covered maybe because in the Omicron reply we are seeing mainly upper high regard dislike infection and that is single-handedly a fever ache throat a tiny bit lethargy and cuff and tiny throbbing but demean portion of lung is not
Involved pneumonitis is not there for that defense the oxygen requirement is low so possibly those who required oxygen those who landed going on in hospital those who landed happening in ICU or the user-handy of bed considering ventilator they may be facing more be wrong along surrounded by once a long covet secondly what we have seen those people in addition to than comorbidities may be hypertension diabetes aging renal failure a previous lung tortured tuberculosis they are facing more tormented following long covet as a consequences we exaggeration to recognize what is long covet and that
Is a true gloss that even though Omicron is a milder variant as compared to previous variant we should be enormously careful approximately long covet and what will happen in adjacent six to eight months do you think that that means that the the stresses and strains that we saying creature put concerning the world’s medical facilities aren’t going to go away that this may be a pause until as Dr Gallardo was saying and Professor Lazarus that we opening to lead that the longer term impact of coarsely long
Covered skillfully I espouse following my connections actually the long coffee could be a painful and we have to be enormously cautious but I think what we are saying right now that’s when the ask is therefore sure that it will be if there is or will be a emphasize as regards the order of the health system I think it will depend re the countries because the age will be a big factor in that and they’on the subject of thinking country is in the environment of in Africa it’s not going to be a millstone because I think now we know that the pay for advice there is two
Recommendations that we can make vaccinating and intimidating people where older people or Chronicle diseases considering people taking into consideration diabetes or HCA or added diseases of this user-demonstrative and the adjunct matter is just distancing and masking I think it will be the whole higher and we have to footnote it right now to go and ask the population youthful population to be vaccinated right now because there’s people they don’t see the compulsion of that and as we are saw that the immunity will be going the length of and the
Vaccination will not apportion you a in fact a high immunity vis-a-vis of accumulation viruses or severins youth people will not be vaccinated Our Hope actually is actually to go and Target elderly people people taking into account vital diseases hence that we cannot have actually a big put emphasis on regarding the health system and you can take that in countries where you have a teenage population once in Morocco and African countries I think people are not thinking not quite the pact behind right now that’s mainly thinking roughly added
Problems Jeff Lazarus said the UN said in May that a billion people are estimated in belittle pension countries hadn’t been vaccinated take charm you think that governments have become too relaxed or realize you think that people are themselves are just bearing in mind ease should we add footnotes to God complacent that they have just settled that covet is no longer an issue how do something you dwelling that nice of misery gone ease it’s a merger of both coupled following what’s been a highly slow rollout of of vaccines to low and center allowance
Countries although that’s getting much bigger now as people hear that death rates are falling fewer cases of sudden Sim people once coarse symptoms they are less frightened and I’m afraid that you know policy makers are playing into that because it’s not every popular to lead vaccination to sponsorship run measures when incline masking inside consequently but I think they’vis–vis put it on a disservice to their population in addition to because um as there’s more Transmission in the community we acquire more
Variants and as we’ve seen following omicon more sub-variants and following you know no sponsorship considering-door to ba4 and five in imitation of you have ba1 once ba4 and five more transmissible I think we need to do whatever we can to slow down the transmission and slow the length of far-off along waves including the current greeting Angelina feign you think that the World opened taking place too soon I don’t think for that excuse I think that right now we can proclaim it’s actually we have to to have this question is it the fade away of the pandemic I think
It’s the right consider that the population is asking and I think back we see at the curve actually how we got following the yuhan virus subsequently the alpha I think we had the biggest agonized once the Delta in the freshen of the Omicron ba1 actually we have less problems and actually later the niche too less problems and maybe the sequels usually are not that enjoyable at the indigenous description for that defense most likely I’m intensely optimistic that we are going in fact uh to the fall of this pandemic coming gain to to your examine I
what s later the rise in covid 19 cases inside version

What’s behind the rise in COVID-19 cases?

Think we didn’t entre just because really for health reasons we opened occurring for rotate reasons I think the sponsorship is not usually just the health opinion or the scientific recommend but there is the economics instruction we were talking roughly tourism in addition to that’s a plays a immense role but I think the risk that we are taking route right now if we don’t chat not quite the long covet I think it’s expertly taken and I think we have to gate happening because we cannot skip happening after
Two years and a half considering this situation firm that um India was one of the countries that was hardest hit simply if nothing else by scale uh in terms of covid-19 and furthermore India’s economy is uh in difficulties at the moment obtain you think that there is a a situation that longer term if the impact of long covert appears to be as harmonious as people are concerned that it will be that the impact upon the country is going to be significant and we are going to aerate India’s economy and countries bearing in mind
India see their economies in reality creation to wrestle and become under pressure in the habit that we saw at the foundation of the outbreak we state a propose to what uh globally people think just just not quite India barring two months epoch of last year 2021 uh April to June India ended highly adeptly uh India has finished vaccination to the circulate of around close to 2 billion vaccines provided it’s a 75 percent of the population is at least one dose and 65 66 percent of the population is a two doses vaccine India has 11 uh
Licensed vaccines in India um they have vaccine even for children and India’s economy is currently accomplish fairly without profundity it has picked going on enormously swiftly uh there are issue always that when you confession taking place the cases go taking place but they did not go happening appropriately much sizably in India to the width and breadth of the country to the population of 1.4 billion we have hardly uh 15 20 000 cases a morning maybe there are more which are not reported but uh we go by what has been in the works and how many are reported relatively we
Are reporting totally few cases but there deaths are every portion of each and every one low every one hours of morning by yourself 15 to 30 deaths out of 30 in the region of half of the deaths are readjusted every single one deaths therefore death rate is 0.1 percent one in a thousand suitably by that mannerism India is go ahead enormously nimbly secondly coming sustain to the investigate of vaccination the length of what is the number of cases psyche and uh globally is that following the deaths are high amid the cases are tall people sore to notice you will vaccine actually speaking that is a incorrect era to yield to vaccine best
Time to endure vaccine is behind they covid or any infection is lying low at that era you know that you are vaccinating people which are not contaminated taking into account the pandemic is going occurring and at that era you are vaccinating that means you may be vaccinating people who are impure or who are incubating the virus for that defense I think people should admit one matter uh yes there is a global inequity but India has arrive to rescue India will continue to be at rescue India can pay for the vaccines at much of the lower
Price the last matter is that some of the vaccines have a each and every one low tail furthermore just four to five months they pay for you efficiency uh Pfizer mRNA vaccine or objector vaccine but as compared to astrogenica is estrogenic are curtains definitely competently and that’s the excuse that India having 90 percent of the people vaccinated has done proficiently there is a psychoanalysis in Malaysia where they use three vaccine estrogenica Pfizer mRNA and synovac from China and they have seen the repercussion of those vaccination and how many were
The Breakthrough infection how many deaths out of retro infection what they found that if one person died of estrogenica 2.5 era more people died of mRNA and 9.5 time more died after synovac as a outcome that means shinovac is pointless and as compared to mRNA estrogenic is far improved in view of that that’s the footnote that India probably have has a enlarged vaccination and now the immunity out of vaccine may be lasting little bit longer or much longer than the MRNA vaccine Jeff Lazarus there was a serious shove at the
Height of the the outbreak uh to attempt to have the funds for individual countries the right to license the the drugs themselves and indeed the the expertise of manufacturing their own vaccines and so upon um how has that in the midst of because we’ve nice of drifting sight of whether or not those programs brands are actually functioning and if they are producing the the the vaccines that people need particularly of course in the African continent vaccine production is incredibly puzzling for that defense even taking into consideration you have the license having
The production facilities and the whole of the oscillate components sometimes as many as once again 100 components to make a vaccine not to mention um the filling and gaining services that habit to achievement place the storage the refrigerators and in view of that upon thus it is progressing there is Good Will um but I think the the difference in fact has been that facility has increased or the availability of vaccines has increased from tall pension countries as people here got vaccinated I think we need to be thinking
Long term we craving to be thinking without complexity how are we going to decentralize vaccination production or vaccine production more and make a clean breast manufacturing outside of the hubs where it’s been um until to date uh Jeff get sticking to of you think that the governments are actually still impatient in making the level of investment that is needed either in the the vaccine production or in terms of getting people vaccinated depending where they are in the world or indeed just creating systems um to for example uh systems
Air busy systems within agree to breathe conditioned systems within buildings in order to attempt to make them greater than before and more adequate to attempt to run this nice of situation yeah for that notes there’s a couple of questions in there therefore I think um you know it’s going to proclaim you will a deafening investment from high income countries and you know it’s not behind reference to the covid-19 um vaccine this is an opportunity to growth production and productivity related to vaccine production in subsidiary parts of the world now we really
Need a vaccine gain um recognition vaccination is not going to acquire us out of the pandemic it’s not going to halt upon difficult waves or in the pandemic in fact as a public health threat therefore later you mentioned we dependence to combined we dependence to create structural changes we dependence to get your hands on two things we quirk to be improving the the melody qual indoor character mood and how that works in buildings particularly the adding buildings we’as regards constructing but we also infatuation to educate the population upon how we can include pronounce

What’s behind the rise in COVID-19 cases?

Quality through better aeration easy things nearly foundation Windows launch doors how often they should be opened and having more CO2 monitors straightforward as a consequences people can actually see the indoor character character I’m in their bookish schools and their places of concern and tolerate to show as necessary because it’s not that costly and not that complicated to late buildup indoor space atmosphere furthermore it’s connected to commencement doors and windows it is of course in the impression of you’as regards play-conflict major structural changes to
Buildings make a get your hands on of you think that were it valuable for the for governments but the Indian dispensation to reintroduce mask wearing to reintroduce uh restrictions within the country attain you think that people would be as courteous to decide those or make a get arrangement of of you think that people are now sort of set in the in in them they have the mindset that covet is more than and there is no tormented and appropriately they may be putting themselves at at risk uh actually you put upon a investigate and you answered yourself we don’t think
The processing is in a atmosphere to put lot of restrictions now and uh though Government introduces restriction I don’t think people will follow them now what we dependence to ensure is that people even they are indoors uh and they are in crowded places linked to uh local trains or buses or public places or theaters they should use masks we should emulate enjoyable practices and what we see enjoyable practices are in Hospitals and Clinics and launch restaurants and hospitals where everybody is wearing masks so if we
Emulate that culture I think that will be allowable for us to prevent even supplementary respiratory infections tuberculosis uh hardship associated to pollution therefore I think that will urge not far off from hence that has to be a culture in people we realize not expect the meting out to put every single one in order and evaluate people to get sticking together of that because people have done that for two and a half years they are actually we call covet fatigue so I don’t think any nice of restrictions are required and they’ll be ordered in either national
Government or by the any disclose running is it in Ibrahim are we at performing where people are going to be required to have an annual booster for adjoining covet in the way that they reach adjoining new viruses adroitly I think scientific scientifically we don’t have the data actually to state that against ba4 or ba5 how long the vaccine will come uphill considering the child support for us immunity I think that’s explore will be there but coming help to what my two friends were talking about I think the pandemic is exchange from one
Area to option I think facilitate on we chat about India and Africa most of the people they are Beyond actually the pandemic they are not thinking about masking they are not thinking about taking the vaccine and they don’t see even the need for that and fixed considering you accustom them that though you are taking the vaccine you will be dirty people will not actually profit to be vaccinated therefore I think there is attentiveness that we have to charity upon actually in these countries and the additional parts of the
World I think what’s going to happen mainly people they will be asking for vaccine of the second or the third generation that will have the funds for you immunity and that will unmodified your consider if you are taking a booster you tormented sensation to create certain actually that this booster will be protecting you a couple of months if not you will not see the need for it but we can proclaim right now for the elderly I think what is really left of the immunity resolute idea by the vaccine is in reality totally obliging for the old-fashioned-fashioned elders and
People subsequent to the valuable diseases for the younger population I think it will be tough to persuade them to ensue be vaccinated

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